Luna's Black Cat Ears
Luna's Black Cat Ears
Luna's Black Cat Ears
Luna's Black Cat Ears
Luna's Black Cat Ears
Luna's Black Cat Ears

Luna's Black Cat Ears

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Don't you just love cats with their feisty personality and excellent instincts, and to top all of that, they have an irresistible beauty? They are unlike any other domestic animals because as much as they are loyal, these animals have a mind of their own. You can’t force them to do things that they don't like in the first place.

That is exactly like your kinky partner; she is independent, yet you know she is fiercely territorial. That is why you like her as she is. Looking at this Luna's Black Cat Ears, you know this belongs to her adorable head to complete her kitty costume that makes you drool in anticipation.

This furry accessory is not your ordinary headband as it has a cute and durable cat ear protruding as your partner wears it. Getting these fuzzy ears in black is an excellent choice if you like to spruce things up and dress differently. Black is a neutral, very stunning color, a perfect pair to all your kitty costumes. The band itself is made of soft metal, so you don't have to worry about letting her wear this for a couple of hours. It will adjust and will feel comfortable! You can pair this with a tail plug, a sleek black cat get-up, and voila. You have yourself a sexy vixen, waiting for your cock to tame her.

This headband is handy and light, so you can bring this anywhere you go. Make sure you don't crumple the ears to avoid deforming the gorgeous shape of the headband. You can wipe off dust and particles with a dry cloth before storing this beauty in its container. Make sure it faces away from the harsh rays of the sun to preserve its beauty.

You need to get on this cutesy caravan and indulge her; she will love you even more for that. Don't miss out on your chance to show her your intentions; add this to your purchase today!

Material Synthetic Fur, Metal
Colour Black
Length 101mm

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