Chastity Accessories

As a bona fide submissive or keyholder, you are determined to make sure that your cock cage is perfect and immaculate, is it not true? While owning a cock cage is already a fine and bold move, don't you feel that there's something missing? If your answer is yes, then you've come to the right place. Accessories can be a nice addition to your cock's main attraction.

It's about time that you begin investing in some accessories as your collection of cock cages pile up. This collection is focused on enhancing your experiences and practices in chastity and abstinence. Restraint isn't something that should just be done out of force, but at the same time, you can do it in style. These products are designed to improve the way you use our cock cages in the upcoming days, weeks, or even months. Our accessories will definitely be able to keep up with you.

You'll find yourself wanting to pick up almost everything in here. There's a leather choker that's available in different colors with the word "SLAVE" on it to remind you of your place and identity as your partner's submissive. Different types of locks: from high-quality brass replacements, to plastic disposable ones, to countdown electronics are compiled, all just to spruce up the way you keep that cock under lock and key. A soft and felt pouch to store and keep your chastity devices safe, intact, protected, and away from prying eyes. A silicone butt plug that can be used to add more of that erotic bliss into your life as the anus can grab all the pleasure while the cock can't. You can also use the plug for your Mistress. Pick your poison.

Just because you availed one of our cock cages, doesn't mean that all the fun should stop there. We've put together these accessories because they are tried, tested, and guaranteed to complement every male chastity device while adding to its value and purpose. Trust us when we say you wouldn't be able to look at your cock cage the same way again without one or all of these!

Chastity Locks and More - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! Secure your cage with a lock and other accessories!