Pink Cock Cages

Do you desire nothing more than to be constantly reminded of just how sissy you are? Do you want to serve as a sissy chastity slave to a commanding keyholder? Do you fantasize about dressing as a slutty maid, strutting around in heels or stockings, or adding panties to your bedroom play?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then a sexy pink cock cage might just be the toy for you!

These hard plastic cages come in a delicate pale pink that’s perfect for any sissy or feminization fan. Just lock up your tiny cock in its new pink plastic prison, get on your knees and start serving your keyholder!

Like our other hard plastic models, these cages are easy to clean and comfortable to wear – perfect for anyone trying out enforced male chastity for the first time.

In addition, our pink cages match perfectly with a nice set of frilly lace or smooth silk women’s panties. Add stockings, heels or a garter belt for that extra feminine touch!

Just because they’re pink doesn’t mean that these chastity are any less effective at their job. All LockTheCock cages are escape-proof and come with a durable lock and two keys.

Our pink LockTheCock cock cages come shipped to you in discreet packaging to keep your toy safe from prying eyes. The neighbors won’t find out about your sissy predilections – unless your keyholder decides to show you off in your new pink cage, of course!