Locking Butt Plugs

Don’t just LocktheCock, take your chastity experience to the limit with our range of locking butt plugs!

Who said chastity was just about stopping a man having fun with his penis? Let’s not forget, the anus is another gateway to pleasure just waiting to be exploited. Determined slaves can even reach that special-o simply by practising anal and prostate stimulation!

Make sure your slave isn’t cheating on his pledge, and having fun when he isn’t supposed to be. Lock that butt too, with a locking butt plug!

Spread That Ass - Petal Lockable Butt Plugs

Locking butt plugs that feature a petal design are a great way to really stretch your slave to his limit. Simply insert the plug as you would a normal butt plug, then open up the petals and lock them in place to make sure they can only remove it when you want them to.

Both of our petal locking butt plugs are made of hard, punishing stainless steel, so your slave won’t feel any mercy while wearing them.

The Nagasaki is our entry level locking anal plug which features the expanding petals. Weighing in at 350g, it’s not so extreme that your slave will feel huge discomfort. It’s petals expand to an impressive 50mm diameter, which means you can start training his ass to take whatever else you have planned for him.

The Stretcher is the premium version of this butt plug. Weighing 650g and blooming into an ass-stretching 60mm diameter, your slave is sure to feel this one weighing on his mind. It also features a simple to use locking system, which simply requires you to push the stem and lock it in place. The easy to handle T-bar base means you can use it to manipulate your slave in any way you could imagine!

What Do You Peen? - Cock Cage with Anal Plug

If having to have a lockable butt plug and a cock cage sounds like too much work, or you’re worried that your slave will still try to find ways to pleasure himself while wearing them, then how about something that combines the two?

Our “What Do You Peen” cage takes the best of both worlds, and combines them into one torturous experience for your slaves. Both the cage and the anal plug are connected by a solid metal bar, meaning there’s no way he can wriggle out of this one.

Completed with a spacing tube, you can decide exactly how tightly you want your slave to be bound while wearing it. Take things to the next level by turning it into a bondage butt plug. Simply tie your ropes to the metal bar connecting the cage to the anal plug, and put him into any uncomfortable position you can imagine!

Complete Denial - Chastity Belts with Butt Plugs

Sometimes, no matter what you try, a slave just won’t leave himself alone. These slaves need a special kind of punishment, and what could be better than a chastity belt containing all the best parts of a cage and a butt plug?

These are truly the ultimate humiliation for a misbehaving slave. The firm straps will prevent him getting any access to any of his sexual organs. Even better than a regular chastity belt though, once locked up the anal plug will give him a constant reminder of what a pathetic excuse for a submissive he is.

The Richard’s Saddle Male Chastity Belt features a beaded locking butt plug and a solid steel penis enclosure. No matter how horny he gets, there’s no way he’ll be able to break out of this cage. The penis enclosure is complete with urination hole, so aside from cleaning his filthy cock, he’ll have no reason to experience the joy of freedom until you let him. Once the plug is in and his penis is caged, simply lock the belt up and throw away the key! He’ll be begging to go back to a normal cock cage before long…

The Sad Saddle Male Chastity Belt is the ultimate humiliation for any slave. Not only will every sexual part of his body be locked away, the design of this belt means he won’t even be able to see his cock while it’s locked away.

With an adjustable locking butt plug, you can choose the intensity of the plug while he’s wearing it, then lock it into place so there’s no chance of escape. This belt also includes an internal cock cage, which means his pathetic member will be locked away where not even he can see it. The belt is completed with a urination tube, meaning he’ll be forced to sit down on the toilet and be reminded how much of a sissy he is.

Using Locking Butt Plugs

Whichever kind of denial you decide is suitable for your slave, you’re going to need to know how to get the anal plug inside. While we’re all for humiliating him in every way you can, you still need to be safe, especially when introducing this kind of cage to an anal beginner.

If he’s never used a butt plug before, start him off with smaller, shorter sessions. One of our favourite ways of introducing this kind of chastity, is to have him in a comfortable silicone cage, but once a day pull out the anal plugs and really turn up the heat. Over time, you can increase how long you keep him “fully locked up”, until he’s so used to it he’ll forget he even has sexual organs.

Another important thing to consider is lube. While many of our sissy slaves love to be punished in every way possible, the anus is a very sensitive body part. Going in dry can cause all kinds of problems, and you don’t want to put him off completely. Be generous with your lube and the lockable butt plug will simply glide in, leaving him no excuses.

You’ll also need to relube him occasionally to stop the plug drying out while he wears it. While it might be fun to make him wait a little while you take pleasure in his discomfort, leaving it too long can damage his ass. And we can’t have any fun with him if we break him, can we?

If your slave feels any major discomfort or pain while wearing his locking anal plug, be sure to remove it. A little is to be expected, but we’re here to enjoy this together, not torture him.