Metal Cages

For the extreme chastity enthusiast, there’s no better choice of a lock for your cock than a metal cage. All of our devices are made of escape-proof stainless steel and come with a sturdy lock and two keys – which, of course, you should immediately surrender to your keyholder’s possession!

Stainless steel cages are breathable, easy to clean, and approved for long-term or permanent use. Regular washing with hot water and antibacterial soap keeps your metal cock cage as shiny and intimidating as the day you got it!

Our stainless steel LockTheCock devices come in a variety of styles, from a series of rings to a solid metal tube. All of our sexy designs are perfect for turning an ordinary bedroom into a den of domination and submission. Who needs a fully stocked dungeon when you’ve got cruel, cold metal embracing your cock!

Stainless steel chastity devices are also perfect for temperature and sensation play. Use your cage to add heat or cold to your chastity fun! They also pair nicely with other gleaming metal toys, such as handcuffs, collars and chains.

Each of our stainless steel devices will arrive at your home in discreet, unmarked packaging – nosy neighbors will have no idea of the garden of torment and delights you’ve just had delivered to your doorstep!