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Metal cock cages are a fantastic way to explore male chastity. For many, this is the only kind of chastity cage that they find worth using.

But what’s all the fuss about?

Why are metal cages so great?

Find out this, as well as some of our favourite metal cages in our behind bars special!

Benefits of Metal Cock Cages

There are many benefits to choosing a metal cock cage, including:

  • Metal cages are much sturdier than other materials, making them much harder to break out of.
  • Many metal cages come with intricate patterns, which let you see the pathetic penis stuck inside. Metal cages typically last much longer than other materials.
  • A metal cage won’t flex if you get an erection, making sexy thoughts much more punishing and painful.
  • Metal can be heated up or cooled down, giving you the option of experimenting with different temperatures.
  • Some metal cages can conduct electricity, perfect if you want to experiment with electrical stimulation.
  • They tend to be much heavier, acting as a constant reminder of the pledge you’ve made.
  • Metal is non-porous, so a metal cage will be much easier to keep clean over longer periods.
  • Many men find metal cages much more comfortable to wear than other materials.

Feel the Steel - The Best Metal Cages

With so many benefits to using a metal chastity device, you’re sure to want one. There are so many models to choose from though!

To help you decide, we’ve compiled our list of the best metal cages available at LocktheCock.

Make sure you can always keep an eye on his cock with our Eyes On Her Prize chastity device.

Rather than a ringed design that so many cages use, the Eyes On Her Prize takes advantage of long metal rods that run the entire length of the tube. This creates a unique look when wearing the cage that you won’t find with many other metal chastity devices.

If you’re looking for something a little more ornate to keep your penis in check, then look no further than the Caught in Her Web chastity device.

This cage features a stunning metal design which imitates a spider’s web. If you want to make sure that nobody will pay attention to your poor trapped penis, then this is the perfect cage for you!

One thing that can stop you from buying a metal cage is that there’s no fun colors to choose from! They’re all just plain old silver. The Dark Knightstick chastity cage gives you a different option.

Coming in a stunning black, this cage will help you truly stand out without needing to resort to plastic or silicone. It features a sequence of rings down the length of the tube meaning that any time you get an erection your penis will be restricted on all sides!

For all those size queens out there, metal cages are truly where it’s at. While a silicone cage will have a little give and still let your penis grow, metal cages will do no such thing.

Enter the Cage of Shame.

This tiny cage can keep even the most horny man in check. Coming in at a miniscule 28-52mm long, it’ll be a tight squeeze even when flaccid! As with many metal cages, your squashed penis will be on full display for anyone to see your humiliation!

The Put a Ring On It chastity device has been one of our top sellers from the very beginning of LocktheCock. Featuring a ringed tube and a sturdy locking system, it’s easy to see why!

Many customers find this to be an easy to wear and extremely comfortable metal cage, so if you’re looking for something simple to get started with then this is a perfect choice.

For the more old school of you out there, you might be looking for something similar to the great CB6000 chastity device. The Constant Reminder is the perfect option.

This metal cage features a full penis enclosure, so once it’s behind bars you won’t even be able to see it anymore. With all that extra metal to cover your member, you can be sure you’ll feel the weight of this cage making it a constant reminder of your chastity pledge!

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