Chastity and Genital Piercings

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Can you comfortably wear a cock cage if you have piercings on your cock or balls? This simple question can make many men wonder if they'll even be able to participate in male chastity.

Find the answers to your questions in more in our guide to Male Chastity and Genital Piercings!

An important note before we get started: None of our Lock the Cock staff members are certified medical professionals. Our advice should be taken as just that – helpful tips rather than official medically backed suggestions. If you have any questions about the potential effects of piercings on you or your partner’s health, or you have a piercing and are experiencing pain, bleeding or any other side effects, we strongly suggest consulting a medical professional as soon as possible.

That being said, come with us as we take a journey into the wide, wonderful world of genital piercings!

What is a Genital Piercing?

The term “genital piercing” refers to any deliberately pierced hole, usually containing decorative jewelry, which is located on or around the genital area. Genital piercings have a primarily aesthetic function, with many people considering them to be highly visually appealing. However, some genital piercing enthusiasts have also claimed that certain piercings enhance sexual stimulation and improve one’s overall sex life by making the genital area more sensitive.

Men in particular have a large number of options when it comes to genital piercings. Of course, there is the penis itself, which can be pierced in a number of locations – although the glans or head is typically considered to be the most popular site for piercing. Uncircumcised men may also pierce their foreskin. In addition to the penis, the skin on or around the testicles can support piercing, as can the perineum – the strip of skin between the testicles and the anus.

In addition, for each location that can be pierced, there are a wide range of available jewelry options. The most standard type of jewelry used in genital piercings is a ring however long, straight metal barbells, curves hooks or or simple round studs may also be used. It is also possible to add more complicated accessories, such as a heart-shaped ring, a length of chain, or perhaps even – as will be more thoroughly discussed in the following sections – a padlock or other locking device.

What is a Chastity Piercing?

Demonstrating genital piercing on lemon

A chastity piercing is a specific sub-type of genital piercing which in some way prevents its owner from participating in sexual intercourse. For women, chastity piercings typically prevent access to the vagina and/or clitoris by closing or locking together the lips of the labia with a padlock or series of interconnected rings and chains.

Men’s chastity piercings, on the other hand, tend to function similar to cock cages by preventing him from getting an erection or reaching orgasm. They can do this in any number of ways. One popular solution is physically closing off access to the urethra – the “slit” at the tip of the penis from which semen is released during orgasm.

Chastity piercings have a long and complex history. Throughout history, countries and cultures around the world have used piercing as a forcible method of preventing their children from having premarital intercourse. In other cultures, a chastity piercing could instead be a willing commitment chosen by the recipient to symbolize a religious commitment such as a vow of lifetime celibacy.

Today, chastity piercings are typically chosen by the recipient themselves as a deliberate part of their desired chastity lifestyle. Individuals who wish to practice chastity but do not have a keyholder may choose to get a piercing rather than purchasing a cock cage. Some cock cages or female chastity belts are even manufactured which connect to genital piercings in order to fasten even more securely and better prevent escape.

Here at Lock the Cock, we recommend that you purchase and use a chastity device EVEN IF you also have or intend to get a chastity piercing. While chastity piercings can be fairly effective, there is no type of piercing which will permanently prevent a man from touching or playing with his cock. Male chastity is not just about preventing him from having an orgasm, but also about curbing his masturbation habits so that he can focus on other, more important tasks such as pleasing his keyholder. While a devilish combination of a cock cage and a chastity piercing is extremely effective – and comes highly recommended by us! – we strongly suggest that you do not opt for simply a chastity piercing without a locking chastity device in addition.

Types of Male Chastity Genital Piercings

Man with many piercings

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are a huge number of options available when it comes to male chastity piercings. Some are simple, while some are more complex, some prevent erection entirely, while others are only focused on stopping his orgasm. If you plan to get a chastity piercing – or several! – we strongly recommend that you research your available options so that you can decide on exactly what type of piercing is best for you.

Of course, you can also choose to go the creative path and customize your chastity piercing or get multiple piercings at once. However, we’ve provided a brief list below of the most popular types of chastity piercing to help you make your decision:

One of the simplest and most effective options for a male chastity piercing is a process known as infibulation. Infibulation involves making two holes, one on each side of the foreskin. These holes should ideally be made while the cock is flaccid, so that the foreskin is completely covering the head and urethra. A lock is then placed between the two holes, sealing the foreskin shut and cutting off all access to the urethra and the sensitive head.

Obviously, there is one major downside to infibulation: it is only effective if you are uncircumcised, meaning that you still have an intact foreskin. However, for uncircumcised men, the effectiveness and efficiency of this piercing is second to none. An infibulated man can turn over the key to his piercing to his keyholder, who can hide it, display it or even wear it around their neck just like the key to a cock cage!

If you are circumcised, don’t worry! There are a ton more options for chastity piercings that will work on all shapes, sizes and types of penis!

The number one most popular male genital piercing – and probably the image which comes to mind when most people think the words “genital piercing” – is known as the Prince Albert. A Prince Albert is an intense and hard-core piercing which goes through the urethra (the tube running through the shaft of the penis, which releases urine and semen) and out the wall of the penis’s shaft

Prince Albert Piercing

A Prince Albert piercing can accept any number of different types of jewelry, including hooks, barbells, rings and more. Because of its flexibility, you or your partner can easily attach a locking mechanism to the piercing which will make getting erections and having orgasms extremely uncomfortable and practically impossible. (Just how effective is a Prince Albert? Well, many men with such a piercing report that they can no longer even pee standing up, and have to sit down to release their urine!)

In addition to the options mentioned above, a Prince Albert is also the most common type of genital piercing to be deliberately combined with a chastity cage. Most piercing-connected cock cages will recommend a Prince Albert piercing for best functionality and security.

In addition to the Prince Albert, there are two other ways to pierce the glans or head of the penis: the ampallang and the apadrayva. Both types of piercing involve piercing either side of the head and inserting a long, thin metal barbell in between the two holes. An ampallang pierces the head of the penis horizontally, while the apadrayva does so vertically.

Both of these piercings are extremely painful and can make orgasm a process of extreme discomfort due to how severely the head has been pierced. Ampallang and apadrayva piercings can also be connected to other genital piercings by a chain, which causes the chain to stretch and the head of the penis to experience pain each and every time the cock attempts to get hard.


Man's penis diagram

Another popular area of the penis to pierce is the frenulum, a tight band of elastic tissue located just below the head on the underside of the organ. Because the frenulum is so elastic, piercings in this area heal more quickly and tend to not be as painful when compared to other parts of the genital area.

Because of this, the frenulum can even be pierced multiple times without experiencing severe pain. (It is for this reason that the most common colloquial term for a frenulum piercing is a “Jacob’s Ladder”.) Like the Prince Albert, a frenulum piercing can be sealed with a locking device which keeps the man chaste and makes penetration and orgasm impossible.

Lastly, any of the above-mentioned piercings can be made even more effective when they are linked (typically via chain) to a piercing known as a guiche. “Guiche” is the general term for any piercing of the perineum, the area of sensitive flesh located between the testicles (aka “balls”) and the anus (aka “asshole”). Guiche piercings are extremely painful and sensitive, as the perineum is the external part of the body most closely connected to the prostate. (In fact, many men can successfully stimulate their prostate simply by rubbing up and down their perineum).

Connecting a guiche piercing to a Prince Albert or other cockhead piercing with a length of chain will make any attempt at achieving erection severely uncomfortable. He will be in extreme discomfort – but still as frustrated and horny as ever! – after just a few accidental hard-ons throughout the day. Combine this with the feeling of being trapped in a securely locked cock cage for an even greater experience of torment!

Can You Wear a Cock Cage With Piercings?

Now that we’ve gone through the common types of chastity piercings, we come to another question: can a man who has genital piercings still wear a chastity device?

Luckily for all those male chastity fans out there, the answer to this question is an enthusiastic YES! A cock cage can be safely worn over a pierced cock without presenting any health or safety risks to the chaste male.

It is possible, however, that a pierced cock may require a slightly larger chastity device than an un-pierced one in order to accommodate the size of the genital jewelry he is wearing. If you are worried about this happening, you can purchase smaller, more inconspicuous jewelry such as studs or small rings. Alternately, you can take this as a perfect opportunity to add another chastity cage to your collection!

If you are purchasing your first chastity cage for a male who has already been pierced, make sure to include the dimensions of the piercings when you are measuring his cock to find the perfect fit.

Do Not

Man saying no

We also do NOT recommend wearing a cock cage immediately after being pierced. All piercings require a period of time to heal as the body recovers, and genital piercings especially need this due to the area being so sensitive. The piercings being forced to rub against a cock cage just after installation can cause irritation, swelling or even bleeding. If you or your man plans to get pierced, wait at least a week before locking him up in chastity. For more intense piercings, such as the ampallang and apadrayva, talk to your doctor to see how long you should wait before locking back up again.

If you or your partner are experiencing some discomfort or having difficulty becoming accustomed to wearing a cock cage while pierced, you can use cotton balls or pads and medical tape to cushion the piercings during the adjustment period.

Piercings as Punishment?

Yet another question we commonly receive is “Are genital piercings a good punishment for keyholders to use if their chastity slave is disobedient?” Our answer, similar to any question dealing with extreme chastity rules and punishments, is as follows:

It can be a great punishment, but should ONLY be used if BOTH partners enthusiastically consent.

Getting a genital piercing is an intense experience. It costs money and requires a visit to a professional. Even the smallest of piercings take several days to several weeks to heal properly, and can be painful and uncomfortable in the meantime. Not to mention, genital piercings are a major bodily modification. While it is possible in some cases to successfully close a hole, we recommend thinking of piercings as a permanent addition to your body if you or your partner are considering getting one.

Therefore, we recommend that the question of permanent bodily modifications as punishment should be raised while you and your partner are formulating your chastity contract. Whether or not permanent modifications such as piercings are allowed should be clearly written in your contract, which is then signed by all participating individuals. This way, a man will never be forced to accept a punishment piercing which he has not consented to

Even if it’s written in your contract, you should discuss it with your partner before deciding to punish him in that manner. Is he okay with certain types of genital piercings, but not with others? Does he want or need a specific type of jewelry, or a specific material? (For example, some individuals with allergies to certain metals are required to use special hypoallergenic jewelry).

You should also determine what role piercings will play in your chastity lifestyle. For example, if he is willing to accept a piercing but might not otherwise choose to get one himself, it could be used as a punishment for extreme disobedience. On the other hand, if a chastity slave loves piercings and already has several, getting another one could be a reward for several straight weeks (or even months!) of perfect obedience and model behavior.


couple having sex

However, if you and your partner DO consent to piercings, we think that they make an awesome punishment – or reward, depending on his feelings towards them! If you are a keyholder who decides to have his or her partner pierced, we recommend keeping the following factors in mind:

Frenulum piercings tend to be the least painful option and heal the most quickly. Prince Albert, ampallang, and apadrayva piercings will be more painful and it will take longer for his body to recover. Reactions to piercing areas such as the skin of the testicles or the perineum will vary more widely from person to person depending on sensitivity.

He will not be able to have penetrative sex for at least a week, possibly several to give the piercing time to heal. With that in mind, schedule any piercings for a time when you as the keyholder know that you can go without for as long as necessary. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to forgo pleasure entirely – a man recovering from a genital piercing can definitely still use his hands and mouth to pleasure his keyholder!

All genital piercings, whether they are administered as a reward, punishment or simply because you two agreed on it, should be performed by licensed, reputable professionals utilizing proper safety and hygiene techniques. A piercing at a “bad”, uncertified or “sketchy” location should NEVER be on the table, even as a punishment. Permanently modifying his body is OK if agreed upon, permanently damaging his health is NOT!

Many women (and submissive men) report that being penetrated by a pierced cock feels better and more intense than “normal” penetration otherwise would. While this is great for you as a keyholder, keep in mind that some pierced men ALSO report that sex feels better for THEM once they have been pierced. Once your man has been pierced, especially if it is his first genital piercing, you will have to take extra care to prevent any accidental orgasms during your bedroom play!

Tips For Piercing Hygiene

Once your chastity slave has been pierced, it is his responsibility to keep the piercing clean and to prevent infection. The genitals are home to a wide range of bacteria, which makes it especially important to regularly tend to any piercings in this area.

Each piercing should be individually and regularly cleaned using cotton swabs, Q-tips, or soapy water inside a small spray bottle or syringe. While some cages may allow a man to easily clean his piercings while still locked up, make sure to unlock him regularly to allow for a more thorough cleaning. Especially early on, the piercings should be carefully cleaned during EVERY unlocking.

Avoid strenuous sexual activity, including any and all penetration, for at least a week after each new piercing. Erection and orgasm during that period may cause the skin around the piercing to become tender and swollen and even bleed. (Of course, if he’s locked up in chastity, that may not be a problem at all!)

Even after the initial adjustment and healing period has been completed, both partners should wash their hands thoroughly before touching the piercings. Hand to genital contact is one of the most common ways of accidentally transmitting infectious bacteria to the piercing site.



If you are worried about infection, condoms can still be safely used over a pierced cock. You may, however, need to purchase a larger size than previously used in order to accommodate the jewelry. Thoroughly lubricate the interior of the condom before putting it on your or his cock so that his genital accessories will not cause any tears in the latex.

If any genital piercing at any time DOES develop an infection or begin exhibiting any of the signs of one – including but not limited to redness, swelling, pain, bleeding, or oozing pus – consult a medical professional IMMEDIATELY. You should also abstain from any penis-focused sexual activity during active infections. However, you may keep him locked up in his chastity cage (as long as his doctor allows it) – this will actually be quite effective in preventing him from touching, playing with, irritating or worsening the site of the infection!

As long as proper hygiene methods are observed, a pierced cock (or other area of the genitals) will stay healthy and functional with no problems. The piercings will enhance your male chastity lifestyle and sexual play both without presenting any risks to you or your partner’s health or safety!

If you have any questions about similar chastity-related topics, feel free to contact us here at Lock the Cock at any time. We believe in helping all of our customers stay safe, healthy and knowledgeable about all aspects of the male chastity lifestyle. Who knows – your question may even get answered in a future article such as this one!

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