Silicone Cages

Whether you’re buying your first cock cage or your tenth, silicone is a perfect choice. Our silicone LockTheCock cages feature smooth material that slides easily along your penis. The rounded design avoids sharp edges that could cut or chafe the sensitive skin of your most important organ. Locking up your cock has never been so easy!

In addition, some of our silicone models an extra-special touch: the ability to deliver a shock to your locked cock!

Our electric shock cages allow your keyholder to take punishment, reward and surprise into their own hands – literally! In addition to the keys to the cage, keyholders can take hold of a remote which allows them to deliver shocks to their caged partner’s penis.

The remote allows you to adjust the strength of the shock. It also lets keyholders deliver shocks using a variety of intriguing modes, including “Pulse” or “Auto”. A shock to the sensitive skin of your partner’s cock makes the perfect punishment and the perfect tease!

Our electric cock cages utilize ordinary AAA batteries, so they are easy and discreet to replace. All silicone LockTheCock cages come shipped to you in plain packaging, allowing you to keep your new purchase under wraps – just like you or your partner’s cock!