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Disposable Plastic Chastity Locks 5 Pieces

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discreet guaranteed

Going out on a trip? Do you want to keep wearing your cock cage without getting in trouble with airport security? Say no more and grab a set of these Disposable Plastic Chastity Locks 5 Pieces. These are perfect to partner with your plastic or silicone cock cages and use them as an alternative when you need to shy away from metal detectors.

Their small and thin profile also makes them less noticeable under your pants. The locks being lightweight can also be a key indicator to keep locking your cock with these padlocks. You might even forget that you have it on! The plastic disposable locks are available in five pieces per set. You can choose from the colors black or white.

If you've never used plastic locks before, they work similar to zip ties. Snap them in shut, and it can't be unlocked unless you destroy it with a pair of heavy duty scissors. That's right, there are no keys for these; just grab them and go. No more trying to search for spare keys and freak out when you can't find them.

The padlocks will last as long as you want them to. And since they're made from high-quality and sturdy plastic, they don't rust and corrode.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a set and have a try on other ways to keep your cock from cheating.

Color/Type Black, White Plastic Disposable Padlocks
Material Plastic
Padlock Dimension (inches) 1-inch width