LocktheCock COVID-19 Relief

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

Lockdown Saves Lives!

Of course, this time we aren’t talking about locking your cock, but the ongoing global lockdowns aimed to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Across the globe, record numbers of people are currently under varying levels of lockdown. From the Stay-at-Home orders issued across our own nation, to the totalitarian lockdowns of some countries in the east, the severity varies but we are all feeling the effects.

But what happens when you can’t stay at home?

This is the problem facing many people across the Philippines, and it’s here that LocktheCock has chosen to focus our own relief efforts.

Using our network of contacts in the country, we’ve put together a considerable effort to provide these people with not only financial relief, but provide them with things they can actually use. Members of the community were provided with relief bundles, each containing a variety of food and useful things.

Once we’d started our work in the area, we realised there was so much more we can do. This was much more meaningful to us that simply sending some money to a charity and feeling good about ourselves. This was a tangible, real benefit we were able to bring to people’s lives.

Since our initial effort, we’ve been expanding our operation across the country, providing food packs to homeless people, front-line workers, and local residents. Our efforts have provided for thousands of families and individuals, who, without aid would have been in a very dire situation. We plan to continue this work as long as the lockdown continues.

Now more than ever, LocktheCock is committed to helping people stay locked up, in more ways than ever!

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