Forty Days of Frustration

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Forty days of frustration challenge

Level up your chastity skills with Lock the Cock’s most EXTREME challenge yet!

Can you make it to 40 days without cumming a single time? Can you survive the fiendishly difficult challenges along the way? Prove yourself to your keyholder by successfully completing Lock the Cock’s brand-new 40 Days of Frustration Challenge. If you succeed, you’ll earn an orgasm – but be warned, it won’t be easy. This challenge is only for the most determined of chastity devotees!

Let’s get started!

Week one

The 40 Days of Frustration Challenge begins not with a bang, but with a click. Have your keyholder pick out a brand-new Lock the Cock cage to celebrate the start of the challenge. Try a stainless steel cage with an old-fashioned padlock to show your commitment to total denial.

Eyes on her prize cock cage Constant reminder chastity cage The undelivered package cock cage

Each day during Week 1, stay locked up for a longer period of time. Start with 2-3 hours, then build to a full 24-hour lockup on Sunday, March 1st. During breaks from lockup, keep your pathetic hands off your cock with whatever means necessary – handcuffs? tight, delicate panties? a collar and leash? The sky’s the limit!

2020 is a Leap Year, a special occurrence which only happens once every four years. To celebrate this, on February 29th, edge yourself four times while your keyholder watches!

Week 2/>
<p>The theme of the first full week of our 40 Days of Frustration is PRAISE. Let your keyholder know how much you appreciate her every single day this week. Compliment her! Buy her gifts! Do chores around the house! Eat her out! Earn her attentions with service and devotion – then groan and suffer as she refuses to touch, acknowledge, or look at your useless cock.</p>
<p style=Slave Choker

Show off your devotion to your keyholder in a brand new way with our Handmade Leather Slave Choker. Wear it proudly out in public to show the entire world exactly who you belong to!

Week 3

The theme of Week 3 of our 40 Days of Frustration is TEASING. Your cute little cock will get plenty of attention this week…but no satisfaction whatsoever. By Saturday, your tiny member will be twitching and spasming with the desire to cum…and you’ll be filled with despair as you realize that your orgasm is still over a month away.

Each day, your keyholder will stroke your cock teasingly through the gaps in your cock cage. Then, you’ll remove the cage and bring yourself to the very edge of orgasm as many times as your keyholder decides you deserve. For a little bit of extra fun, roll a dice – or several! – to determine the number of edges you must suffer through.

Put a ring on it cock cage Caught in her web cock cage

For this week, choose a cock cage with gaps that your keyholder can easily slip her teasing fingers through whenever she pleases. The Lock the Cock catalog is pleased to offer several sensual options to choose from!

Week 4

The theme of Week 4 of our 40 Days of Frustration is HUMILIATION. After all, you’re locked up in chastity because you deserve to be – and this week is all about reminding you of that.

Each day, you will kneel before your keyholder and submit to dirty talk while massaging her feet, serving as a footstool, or eating her out (Her choice, of course). Keyholders, if you’d like to spice it up even further, bring your slave to a club or online chatroom and let everyone there freely humiliate them while he remains on his knees. You can even dress him up in some cute sexy panties, high heels and a frilly little dress to enhance the experience!

Sissy in pink cock cage

Of course, any chastity fan knows that the most humiliating cock cage to wear is a nice sissy pink one – which makes it the perfect product to represent Week 4 of our Chastity Challenge.

Tuesday, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. Think you have “the luck of the Irish”? Roll a dice and then spend that number of hours dressed up in the frilly, lacy outfit of your keyholder’s choice.

Week 5

The theme of Week 5 of our 40 Days of Frustration is COMPLETE DENIAL. No edging, no teasing, no putting on a show for your keyholder – all you’ve got to do is keep your hands off your cock for the entire week. Sounds easy, right? Nope – after an entire month of denial, this deceptively simple week’s challenge is in fact quite difficult indeed!

Keyholders, if your slave so much as puts a single finger on his cock, he’s earned himself a punishment. Tie his hands, make him clean the entire house, give him a few spanks on the bottom – it’s entirely up to you! If you’re looking for ideas, blindfolding and gagging him for a few hours fit very nicely with the week’s theme.

Black Hole Chastity Belt

For handsy little slaves who just can’t keep from touching that locked-up cock, it might be time to try something even more extreme than usual. The Black Hole Chastity Belt covers his cock entirely, without a single hole or gap he could use to get even a tiny bit of relief.

Week 6

The theme of Week 6 of our 40 Days of Frustration is PAIN. This is without a doubt or most intense week as we head into the last days of our challenge. Only the most dedicated chastity slaves will make it through this week without giving in and masturbating. This is the week to truly prove your devotion to your keyholder!

Pain can come in a number of forms. At Lock the Cock, some of our favorites include: whipping, spanking, cock stepping, and temperature play. Keyholders, for a little variety, experiment with a different type of painful punishment every single day. Alternately, if you want to stick to something more traditional like spanking, give him more swats on the bottom each day this week.

Shock the cock cock cage

A quick, easy way to deliver delicious pleasure-pain is via our one of a kind Shock the Cock electrified cock cage. Keyholders can use a small, portable remote control to deliver electric shocks directly to his locked-up penis! Chastity slaves will suffer and feel ecstasy at the exact same time, both without any hope for an orgasm to resolve it.

Week 7

Technically, the 40 Days of Frustration challenge officially ends on Thursday, April 9th. However, we encourage all chastity slaves – especially those who slipped up during some of the weekly challenges – to try to hold out for the entire final week.

During the week, the theme is BEST OF. Every day, bring back your favorite parts of the previous challenge to relive the best moments of the past forty days. Keyholders, you can spank him, you can dress him up, you can edge him, or you can just make him sit through even more days without being allowed to put a single finger on his cock.

Slaves, if you make it all the way through this challenge successfully, you get to cum on Sunday, April 12th. Congratulations – you’ve made it through Lock the Cock’s 40 Days of Frustration! Once that post-orgasm high has worn off, why not share your accomplishments with us here at Lock the Cock? Tell us all about your experience – we can’t wait to hear about it!


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