Thoughts on Masturbation

As the old saying goes, there are two types of people in this world: people who masturbate at least once a week, and liars.

And it's true! I for one find myself taking my right hand to bed at least twice or three times a week - possibly more if I'm going through a dry spell and don't have anyone to get freaky with on a regular basis. As society's attitudes towards sex gradually get more and more open, doctors and therapists alike have begun to extol the virtues of masturbation. It relaxes you, it keeps you focused, it can relieve minor ailments from headaches to sore muscles to menstrual cramps, and, of course, the huge flood of positive hormones to the brain leaves you feeling good for hours afterward. Regular self-pleasure sessions are now believed to be an important part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Another thing which medical professionals have finally begun to admit is that children masturbate too. Developmental psychologists have begun to observe children as young as four or five years old beginning to explore their genitals and learning what makes them feel good. While most kids aren't able to actually get all the way to orgasm until puberty, encouraging them to get acquainted with their private parts is a normal, healthy step in childhood development. Parents are encouraged to teach their children about safe sex, provide access to helpful tools like condoms, lube, and even sex toys if they're comfortable with it, and make sure their kids are allowed plenty of private time in their rooms with the doors closed - especially once they hit those hormone-addled teenage years.

But not every parent is quite so open-minded. Unfortunately, even today, there are still folks out there who see masturbation as a sin or even a crime. They believe ancient, long-discredited rhetoric saying that self-pleasure causes kids to be distracted and fidgety, is addictive and will spark a lifelong obsession to the detriment of their grades and extracurricular activities, or even makes hair grow on the palms of their hands. Strict parents, especially those of the religious fundamentalist variety, will go to absolutely any lengths to ensure that their poor kids keep their hands away from their cocks or their fingers out of their pussies.

Older Than You Think…

While the idea of adults going to such extremes to curb the masturbation habits of mere children might sound like a ridiculous product of recent paranoia and sex-negativity, this practice has in fact been in place for far longer than you might imagine. In the early 1900s, many denominations of the Christian religion, notably the Seventh-Day Adventists, were strictly anti-masturbation and believed in organizing their children's lives so that they would have neither the time nor the inclination to touch themselves in a sexual way. Practices to limit "onanism" or "self-rape" included: enrolling children in many sports, forcing them to share bedrooms with siblings, removing their bedroom doors, having them wear underwear which limited access to their genitals and, perhaps most famously of all, promoting a bland, flavorless diet.

Yes, you heard right. Spicy, sugary, and oily foods, red meat, and "exotic" fruits were considered to be major culprits behind children's fondness for masturbation, while bland foods were believed to suppress the libido and decrease the desire for constant "alone time". Prominent anti-masturbation advocates included Sylvester Graham and John Harvey Kellogg, who both went so far as to create a new food item specifically designed to be as bland as possible - and the results are definitely believed by some to have no more flavor than dust or cardboard. Perhaps you've heard of the Graham cracker? Or maybe you enjoy the occasional bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes in the morning before heading off to work? As surprising as it seems, both foods were initially designed to keep boys' hands out of their pants by being utterly tasteless and dull to eat.

Kellogg, in particular, held absolutely fanatical beliefs about the dangers of masturbation. He believed it caused everything from cancer to epilepsy, and from mental instability to blindness. It would make men impotent and women infertile. Chronic masturbators, according to Kellogg, were "moral failures" and "blights on society" who deserved nothing more than being shut up in an asylum until their "addiction" could be permanently cured. He was also an advocate for anti-masturbation measures and punishments including but not limited to circumcision, cold baths, cold-water enemas, inserting wires into boys' penises, and pouring carbolic acid on girls' clitorises to permanently damage them.

While we wish it was possible to say that Kellogg and those sharing his views were considered insane fanatics and not listened to, that definitely doesn't seem to have been the case. In 1917, Kellogg published a book called Plain Facts for the Old and Young, which included instructions for how to sew wires sutures in a young boy's penis which would permanently remove his ability to have an erection. Even today, parents all around the world are employing punishments which are just as severe - or even worse - to try to stop their children's nighttime activities in their tracks.

Cock Cages and Chastity Belts: From Sex Toy To Sex Prevention Tool

It used to be that you would only hear about cock cages, chastity belts and other similar toys in the kink community. Cock cages are made from stainless steel, plastic or silicone and can be fastened around a man's flaccid cock to prevent erection, masturbation, and orgasm. These cages are typically fastened by heavy padlocks, meaning that they can only be opened when whoever is holding the key allows it. They are used by female Dominatrixes - called "Dommes" for short - who want to punish male slaves who have been disobedient. Additionally, many kinky men who are into things such as humiliation, feminization, female domination or orgasm denial will willingly surrender control of their cocks to a master or mistress - called a "keyholder" - for weeks or even months at a time.

Chastity belts are essentially the female equivalent of cock cages. They usually take the form of heavy plastic or metal belts which run around a girl's waist and between her legs, covering her vagina and asshole and preventing access. Like cock cages, chastity belts are typically secured with a padlock, and the key is held by an outside person so that the device cannot be unlocked even if the person's self-control gives in and they desperately want to free themselves before the agreed-upon deadline. Long-term wearing of chastity belts is not as common as male chastity devices because they are uncomfortable, have difficulty fitting under clothing and don't always have holes in them to allow for urination and defecation.

Cock cages, chastity belts, and other chastity accessories can be purchased online both on retailers like Amazon and specialty sites such as, which focuses on male chastity items exclusively. However, it turns out that not all of these devices are being purchased by consenting adults to use on themselves or their partners. A deep dive into the world of "enforced chastity" and its growing presence on the Internet reveals some troubling truths about just who exactly is purchasing these cages, and for what purpose.

Are Parents Really Caging Their Children?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is absolute "yes". A quick look online is more than enough to confirm that this deadly epidemic of bad parenting has spread far beyond a few far-right nutcases. You can find parents asking about the morality of caging their sons' cocks or hiding their daughters' vaginas behind belts everywhere from Yahoo Answers to supposedly "scholarly" question-and-answer site Quora.

And, even more disturbingly, the answers which they are getting are overwhelmingly positive, with parents all around the world coming out in favor of forcibly preventing masturbation in order to create more hardworking, diligent, focused and reverent children and teenagers.

Over at ultra-religious Christian forum Landover Baptist Church, chastity is an extremely frequent topic of discussion. You'll find men proudly bragging about how they have kept their wives locked up since their wedding days.

Parents will swap tips about the best brands and models of cages and belts to use on their children as they approach the "dangerous" age of puberty.

Single - or even "dating but unmarried" - men are encouraged to voluntarily "lock themselves up," to avoid "wasting their seed" before it can be properly deposited in their eventual wife's fertile womb.

The way the Christian posters on this site talk about masturbation, you'd think it was a sin equivalent to something like murder, theft or skipping Sunday services. One poster, writing under the name "Missionary in Sweden," proudly describes how a CB6000 model cock cage completely cured his "filthy little habit of touching [his] penis".

Another poster, attempting to turn the thread in a more positive direction, described the beneficial effects which daily masturbation had had on his life, was quickly and immediately banned while being reminded by a moderator that "masturbation is a deadly sin which results in spilling of seed and lustful thoughts" and equivalent to "homosexual intercourse".

One thread, located in the forum's "Christian Parenting" section, began with a seemingly simple question - a parent asking how to punish his son who had been discovered masturbating with a stolen pornographic magazine.

What resulted was no fewer than 28 pages of discussion about everything from beating and removing the child's bedroom door to cock cages and even (the point at which even this intrepid writer stopped reading) removing the child's penis entirely through castration.

The thread is nothing less than a roller coaster from beginning to end. Models of cock cage are discussed and compared, with stainless steel ultimately decided on as the ideal deterrent for a hormone-addled preteen. Frequent references are made to the biblical story of Onan, who was immediately struck down and killed by the Lord after choosing to masturbate rather than consummate his marriage to his late brother's widow.

(In fact, some forum members are so bothered by the concept of masturbation that they refuse to grant the act its proper name, using the old-fashioned term "onanism" instead).

More rational posters desperately trying to cite scientific evidence proving masturbation as natural are, of course, banned on site.

What really struck me about the whole thing is how detailed and knowledgeable these supposed "anti-masturbation activists" are about the topic of cock cages. They talk shapes and sizes, debate the virtues of silicone versus stainless steel, and even make reference to niche fetish-specific models such as the Shock the Cock, which comes with a remote for sending painful-pleasurable electric shocks up the length of the caged individual's penis.

Specific cleaning methods were discussed, including citing several sex toy focused soaps and lotions by names.

It was enough to make me wonder if a few of those "concerned Christian mothers" might, in fact, be chastity fetishists writing under an alias in order to trick unsuspecting "normies" (for as much as any Landover poster can be considered "normal") into talking about their kink.

If You See This, Report It

Sure, a few - hopefully most - of these "parents" on the Internet are kinksters getting their rocks off (or attempting to do so as they hopelessly grind against their cock cage). But, the fact remains that this is a very dangerous, increasingly prevalent trend in society, spurred on by continuing negative attitudes towards sex and echo chambers such as the Landover or Yahoo Answers forum giving fundamentalists a chance to share their warped views.

Parents, remember. Masturbation is completely natural. Your children will masturbate, just as you do. It is completely normal, and your ONLY role is to provide them with privacy and teach them about sexual health and how to keep their genitals healthy and clean. There is absolutely no need to keep your child from masturbating. Cock cages should be kept EXCLUSIVELY on the cocks of consenting adults who are into that sort of thing!

If you have evidence that someone you know is keeping their child locked in a cock cage or chastity belt to prevent them from masturbating, you should report them as soon as possible. Call Child Protective Services - or your local equivalent - and explain the situation. Keeping a young boy's cock locked up or a young girl's vagina covered by a belt is a form of child abuse and can cause infections, sores, irritated skin, or even permanent deformation of the genitals if used at such a young age.

Now, if you'll excuse me, that's quite enough depressing stuff for the day. I'm off to go rub one out to some sexy, consensual porn - or maybe that new erotic novel I picked up the other day. I recommend that you all do the same - it's the best way to relax after a long, stressful day, after all!