Sex Positions for Male Chastity (Are About Her Pleasure)

Looking for some ideas on how to enjoy chastity sex with your partner? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check our article out, and you’ll become a pro!

In the End, It’s All About Her

Let’s start with the essentials. Wearing a penis cage is not just about the guy. It’s more about the control the madam gets over a “helpless” dude, fighting to keep his dong in place. In other words, a stainless steel, resin or silicone chastity device restricts him from getting fully erect.

This kind of adult game takes all the control away from the male, making his partner the ruler of the dimly-lit bedroom. Some even call such mistresses queens of pain. After all, they hold the keys, teasing their partners during the act.

People often think that this form of sexual entertainment restricts the participants from enjoying their bodies to the fullest. But is it really that limiting? Well, to be frank, it’s not. The possibilities are almost endless.

Thus, without further ado, let’s talk about ideas for and methods of maximum submission and pleasure.


When we think of exciting sexual practices couples using a male chastity device enjoy, we immediately think of pegging. People unrelated to bondage and dominance have probably never heard of this term, but we’re pretty sure they know what we’re talking about.

Pegging, as it’s commonly known, is a sex act where the male bends over while his female partner fucks him in the ass with a strap-on. There you go, we knew you heard of it, just under another name.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most common kinks related to chastity cage sex out there. It’s pretty basic and standard; it just switches the roles. No longer do men fuck women — it’s the opposite; girls fuck guys! And yes, the fucked dude can have his cock locked in a cage during the entire act.

Admittedly, it’s an exciting image. Getting penetrated by a woman wearing a sex toy while you’re down on all fours sounds hot as hell. Most people who are into chastity play roll like this. It’s pure anal sex, as the lady fucks the guy in his asshole, making the submission even grander.

Begging for a Pegging

Most people who enjoy pegging have a burning desire to get dominated by a strong female figure. Therefore, these masculine females, dressed in erotic lingerie, wearing high heels, forcing them to bend over and get fucked, are certainly one of the defining symbols of submission out there. Getting orders from your lover, who’s making you her helpless toy in need of some serious penetrating, is the epitome of female domination aka “femdom”.

In this wild and erotic scenario, a particular flame of kinky desire can start to burn inside you. If it does, you should, by all means, talk to your partner about it. Pursue it, as it can, without a doubt, spark new life in your relationship. Try being on the receiving end of things for once; you might find that it suits you better.

Also, remember that even if we said it’s all about her in the end, pegging works for both of you. Try to imagine a perfect scene in your head where she’s bending you over to insert her massive toy into your asshole. Yeah, it sounds great, doesn’t it? Try it; you might find sex in chastity to be the perfect recipe for a successful relationship.

Woman on Top — Cowgirl

This next position is fairly common among straight couples. It’s your usual “woman takes control” pose, which consists of the girl sitting on top of her male partner, controlling the action. There are a few variations, of course, but it’s fairly standard for anyone who’s ever had intercourse. The female can sit looking forward towards her partner, or she can face away from him; that’s called “reverse cowgirl.”

Yes, we know, it’s not something new. But we’re not finished here. Using a chastity sex toy, this well-known position can become something completely different and exciting. See, the thing is, sex toys for men make matters more interesting. They are not new, per se, but they have still pretty much remained in the shadow cast by your standard toys for girls.

The thing that makes this classic position new is the fact that the chastity belt prevents the penis from getting erect, making this whole setup unique. The entire BDSM credo shines bright here as the dominant lady on top controls everything. Here, the madam is in charge of the intensity, speed, pace, and all other factors. The submissive male needs to lay still, making little to no effort to join in on the action.

New Possibilities

Therefore, this position can be a wonderful foreplay experiment. As the female rubs her crotch on the male’s caged penis, she teases him to such an extent that she brings their play to a boiling point. His desire to take the contraption off reaches the edge, which can lead to a heated sex exchange once the lady decides to unlock him.

Imagine her as she moves with swagger above him provocatively, slowly messing with his mind. It’s all up to her. She can take as long as she likes, dominating him and satisfying her wish to be in charge.

Finally, after some time, whenever she decides to do it, she can put a cock ring on his phallus, showing him that she’s still the boss of their relationship. They can have intercourse afterward, but it’s all up to the mistress and her desire.

So, when the time comes for her to show some mercy, she can play with his ashamed penis, choosing to let him ejaculate on his torso. And with that, she’ll again send the message that her wish is his command. Or maybe she’ll decide he’s not even worthy of ejaculating at all?

Doggy Style

Remember when The Stooges sang “I Wanna Be Your Dog?” Well, yes, a ton of us do! Did you ever consider what they were talking about? We can’t say for sure, but it strongly suggests that Iggy was into BDSM in his day. No wonder he was such a provocative force back then.

All we can think of now is how well a male chastity cage or belt can work with this established pose. See, just like the woman-on-top position, doggy style is one of the classics. It’s not that unique, and just by its name, anyone can imagine what’s going on there.

But again, chastity device sex is what makes all the difference in the world! Sex in a cage shines new light on fairly common and well-known things. So, let’s look into it, shall we?

Making a Pet out of Him

When you add bondage and domination to your sexual activities, you certainly bring your intimate relationship to a whole new level. Mixing cock cages with standard positions can make them interesting again.

Thus, when the guy wears his contraption down there, the female can make him get down on all fours. That allows her to fuck his brains out from behind. And, while she’s pounding him anally, she can of course begin to treat him like her pet dog.

It’s not uncommon for ladies to call their partners their puppies while commanding them to lay down. The whole deal is for them to feel teased, humiliated, and/or degraded. Some couples call this pet-play, and it’s really easy to understand why.

Whipping also comes into play here. It can be a useful tool for the mistress, as she can quickly set some distance between the two of them. There are endless possibilities, but one of the best is undoubtedly ordering the guy to move around like a real dog. Every mistake can lead to a brief splash of the leather whip, leaving bruises and slashes all over his submissive backside.

Sitting on His Face

As you can imagine, oral sex can play a crucial part in a kink like this one. This type of intercourse can be a perfect example of how to dominate one’s partner. Nothing says who’s in control better than making your partner please your intimate region with their mouth. While one of the participants feels pleasure, the other one is simply left on their own.

There are quite a few ideas couples that are into this kind of fantasy can enjoy. Therefore, let’s delve into some power-play scenarios a lady can enforce upon her submissive male partner.

For example, let’s say that she already played with him like a pet, pegged him, and rode him like a cowgirl. Now, she can make things even clearer by ordering him to pleasure her with his tongue. As the dominant partner, she’ll tell him to lay down on his back, making him beg for some oral sex. The dominant lady will then sit on his face and swerve her body around his mouth while teasing his caged member.

As he pleases her, she can lower herself, muffing any sound he makes with her ass. Silencing his voice, the woman, again, proceeds to show superiority over her servile boy toy. It’s a familiar maneuver people use even in hetero relationships. But here, it serves as a way of symbolizing female hegemony.


There are many names people use when referring to face-sitting, but we think “queening” suits this context the best. For obvious reasons, the female’s relationship with her male partner can be perceived as that of a queen and a churl. In the BDSM culture, things like this are fairly common as they without a doubt ascend one partner above the level of the other. When a couple revels in such actions, it guarantees dominance.

Queening has many variants, and some of them include body fluids. The male can pleasure the anus or vagina, but in both cases, all the juices of his queen will end up on his face. That is another example of how sweat, urine, or even feces can serve as a stimulant in BDSM sex.

However, not allowing the male to breathe is not a part of face-sitting, it’s a part of smothering fetish, and that’s a bit dangerous if the people involved are not careful.

In Front of a Mirror

Another great way kinky couples go about their power-play methods is by doing it in front of the mirror. It may seem odd to some, but their reflection is all they need to make the session better. By reminding them of their roles and their status in their relationship, the mirror serves an integral part in their little game.

If you’ve seen the film “Nine and a Half Weeks,” starring the long-forgotten Mickey Rourke and the ever-lovely Kim Basinger, you might recall their intimate scenes in front of the mirror. It’s not by chance that they filmed it like that. It shows how couples involved in kink like to watch themselves while having fun.

Perspective is important here. It shows how things stand between the partners. It can be used for preparing, making the participant aware of what they look like to their queen. Ladies often order their gimps to watch how they humiliate themselves in front of the mirror. It is such a major turn-on in the BDSM world.

It’s Fun Watching

While playing in front of the mirror, the dynamics of chastity sex come to full fruition. A certain amount of voyeurism comes into play here. Getting off while fueling your desire to be dominant or submissive can reach new levels if you see the bigger picture in the reflection. It can have a meta connotation once you see yourself participating in a particular act.

Therefore, as some say, mirrors are more fun than television. It’s more real when it’s happening to you. Watching other people do it on a screen may suit some, but for others seeing themselves tied up and stripped of power can be more potent and lustful. These actions can achieve long term effects, as some clear and kinky pictures of your experience can stay in your mind for some time.

Nude Male, Clothed Female

This is yet another way of having extra fun in a dimly-lit room full of lust and desire. The whole power dynamic is clear as day when forcing the male to strip out of his clothes leaves him wearing only his cock cage. His mistress chooses whether she’ll be fully dressed, making his imagination go overboard. Sexy lingerie, a BDSM outfit, and high heels can make all the difference when it comes to sex.

The juxtaposition between the two participants serves as a reminder of who is in charge. If we consider that humiliation is an essential part of kinks such as this one, having a submissive, caged man naked on his knees before his queen is perfect. The dominant woman, clothed to a certain degree, is making the man suffer the embarrassment of his nude body, left only with a steel or silicone contraption on his penis.

These Boots Were Made for Walking…

Some couples enjoy rougher play, and they tend to act a bit more intensely. Well, when we say intense, we don’t mean punching (although that can also be a thing), but we’re talking about the direct dominion of the female over the male. Dominatrices like to stamp over their imprisoned and naked boy slaves. Indeed, flouting their power by walking on naked men is a thing kinky partners enjoy very much.

When you order your slaves to kiss and lick your leather boots and high heels, humiliation ascends to a whole new level. When you see a woman teasing her partner’s bare body with her clothing, it’s safe to assume who’s giving out the orders and commands. There’s no mistake about it.

Deciding how much of her body she’ll show, the lady gains supremacy. The contrast couldn’t be more explicit here, as his pathetic naked body begs for a reaction from his madam. Teasing him by showing glimpses of herself, she starts a new game of begging.

In the end, it’s always about her! That encapsulates the whole deal here, showing how certain kinks like this one work. Therefore, if this sparks interest in experiencing a fantasy akin to this, you should be aware of the requirements needed.

Cock cages, leather BDSM suits, masks, and extravagant high heels are a good place to start. The central part is how far couples who are into chastity cages are ready to go? How kinky are you? Because it gets way better when you have a creative mind, ready to come up with the most obscure and bizarre journeys of pleasure and submission for your relationship to embark upon.