Petplay and Male Chastity — a Match Made in Heaven

Petplay and chastity aren’t mutually exclusive. Here’s everything you need to know about petplay in your male chastity relationship!

Adding Petplay to Your Male Chastity Relationship

The BDSM realm is broad, beautifully kinky, and open to interpretation. So no matter what your preferred kink is, you and your partner can always improve it. Sometimes, that means adding other kinks that are compatible with your existing scenes.

For the male chastity belt and cage enthusiasts, here’s a fantastic suggestion — adding petplay to your male chastity relationship can spice things up even further. What’s more, it can also heighten the feeling of being owned, thus, pushing the bottom of the D/s relationship deeper into submission.

Why Petplay and Chastity Go Together

All BDSM relationships are about dominance and exchange of power. One party entirely relinquishes control, trusting that the other party will responsibly take it. During BDSM play, the submissive consents to, essentially, be at the mercy of the Dominant.

Of course, just like in any other scene, consent is everything! Types of BDSM scenes differ significantly. But they all have one thing in common (at least). You can bet your sweet furry ass that they are all done in a safe, sane, sober, and consensual manner. If they aren’t, stop immediately!

The Keyholder/Owner Holds All the Power

Because both chastity cages and petplay imply an element of ownership, they go well together. Both are forms of submission, but petplay adds a playful and active component that chastity scenes often don’t have. Petplay is also more relaxed, laid-back, and less rigid than other BDSM scenes.

Both types of play have an element of training and degradation (treating a person as less than human). However, while chastity usually has a constrictive, humiliating nature, the objective of petplay is to relinquish control. Thus, it’s more liberating for the submissive. It allows them to express their emotions more freely and without fear of being judged.

However, pets are still restricted in movement, verbalization, and free will. Also, much like chastity slaves, they are entirely dependent on their Owners. Although not always the case, petplay also has some elements of humiliation. For example, the pet has to get permission for a lot of things in a non-verbal manner. One of them is going to the toilet, which they may have to do in front of their Owner.

Owners Make All the Decisions

Essentially, both chastity and petplay require the submissive to offer themselves for the entertainment of the Dominant. But, depending on the rules the Dom and sub established before the scene, petplay can bring an emotional component to the Owner-pet relationship that’s often missing in chastity play.

So we can say that petplay and male chastity are different sides of the same coin (the coin being submission, of course). If you and your partner decide to deepen your D/s relationship by adding petplay, the first hoop you’ll have to jump through is deciding on the type of the pet the submissive will be.

What Type of Pet Are You?

Choosing the type of pet you want to be can be as natural as breathing, or it can be a lengthy process. You might identify with a particular animal so strongly that when the topic of petplay comes up, you won’t even need time to debate or think about it. Maybe you’re naturally playful and loyal, so the role of a puppy is a no-brainer.

Alternatively, maybe you’re cunning and energetic and feel comfortable as a fox. Either way, some of us naturally gravitate toward particular animal behaviors, which makes choosing a pet a piece of cake.

Pet, I Choose You!

Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky. Some people will have to put in a bit of effort into it. If you’re new to the kink but are interested in exploring the world of Master/pet play, you can hit the ground running. In other words, you can relinquish control and let your Owner choose your animal.

Your Dominant might pick an animal that they are interested in. Much like choosing a real pet, they’ll assign you a role that works for them and mold you into it. Maybe they’ve always wanted to have an exotic pet (like a snake) or even a mythical animal. Furthermore, perhaps this is their chance to finally have that pony they always dreamed of!

Your Voice Will Be Heard

So the sky (and the Keyholder’s imagination) is the limit. Of course, you can expect them to consult you and consider your preferences before the actual play begins. Usually, people choose animals based on the availability of information and accessories for that specific animal.

If you’re considering animal play as a temporary thing or something to experiment with, you can always switch animals from time to time. But keep in mind that long-term petplay often doesn’t allow that (unless explicitly agreed upon before the actual scene).

Most people will usually pick common animals, such as puppies, kittens, bunnies, ponies, piglets, etc. However, others will go for something a bit more exotic — foxes, fawns, wolves, horses, etc. You can even be a mythical creature like a unicorn!

The Collar Ceremony

Petplay can be anything you and your Owner decide it’s going to be. Therefore, there’s really no One Grand Supreme Rulebook that will steer you both in the right direction. You’ll have to negotiate with your Keyholder and figure out how to incorporate petplay into your chastity relationship.

Still, petplay has some standard, traditional steps that most Owners and pets love. One of them is the collar ceremony. It’s the first time the Owner puts the collar they chose (or did so together with their pet) on the pet in question. It’s a sort of a pledge that both parties will uphold the agreement (or contract).

For you, it will probably be reminiscent of the first time your Keyholder put that gorgeous stainless steel metal chastity cage on you (or any other type of cage — you get the picture!).

Pet Types — Puppy

Puppy play or puppy roleplay is one of the most common types of petplay relationships. There’s a good reason for that. Puppies are everywhere around us! They are the most common household pet, and we all know (and love) a puppy or two.

Therefore, there are quite a few around all of us to model our behavior after. Furthermore, there’s plenty of info out there on the grand old internet for those who want to get into it and study the intrinsic behavior of dogs.

Puppy Play and Chastity

If you’re a novice to the world of petplay but a veteran when it comes to chastity, you’ll probably find it quite liberating.

We all have specific obligations every day. What’s more, each new one brings us more stress. There’s something to worry about every minute of each day. So we’re stuck with pent-up emotions and no way to release or resolve them. Chastity can offer absolution, and it can be cathartic, but petplay can offer peace of mind.

As a puppy, you’ll be able to set reality aside temporarily and enjoy a carefree day. You won’t have to worry about anything because your Owner and Keyholder will take care of you. They will also worry about things like food, walks, playtime, etc.

If you love playing with your Master, you’ll enjoy being a puppy. Just like you, puppies demand a lot of attention and love and give even more in return.

The Dynamics of Puppy Play

Puppies, as we all know, have a lot of energy. Therefore, they can’t be continuously constricted. Still, depending on the Owner-pet dynamic and the agreed-upon terms, some pups sleep in a cage. Apart from that, almost all puppy play includes:

  • eating and drinking out of a bowl
  • walking on all fours (if the surroundings allow that)
  • bondage that can be limited to a leash and collar or include more intricate and complex play
  • body language communication only
  • gear and accessories — tails, puppy ears, knee pads, muzzles, hoods, mitts, boots, bodysuits, etc.

Puppy play, just like any other type of petplay, can be social or sexual. Not all petplay has a sexual component. That’s where chastity ties in quite nicely.

If you already have a well-established chastity relationship that doesn’t include orgasming or any sexual interaction, social petplay will enhance it. So both you and your Keyholder can show affection freely, without it escalating into something sexual afterward.

Of course, you can always fuck. Both puppies and Owners claim that sex feels amazing after petplay. Roleplaying like an overeager puppy puts the pup in an exceptionally submissive headspace. Paired with chastity, edging, and orgasm denial, the great crescendo the pup and their Keyholder are working toward is probably spectacular.

There’s another reason petplay sex is terrific. Puppies are not self-conscious. They don’t worry about everyday things the rest of us obsess over. All they care about is loving their Owner and being loved by them.

Imagine having a fun, cheerful round of fucking with the person you love without worrying about anything else. Talk about liberation!

Pet Types — Kitten

Another common pet is a kitten. Kitten play is perfect for those Keyholders that have stubborn submissives in cock cages.

As we all know, cats would rule the world if only they had opposable thumbs! They are smart, playful, and affectionate. However, they want to do everything on their own terms. Therefore, a kitten can be a loveable but bullheaded little bastard. Kittens also demand a lot of attention. But unlike puppies who will be grateful for every speck of care you give them, kittens will demand it at specific times.

So while puppies treat their Owners like they are the center of the universe, kittens live with a firm belief that they are the sun. Everything revolves around their mischievous little butts.

The Dynamic of Kitten Play

Of course, just because kittens love to demand pampering and grooming, that doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable submissives. Kittens still love when their Owners train them. They just put up a bit of a fight usually. What’s more, kittens will obey their Owners and Keyholders. But we can’t deny that they will do it in a spoiled and bratty way!

One of the main characteristics of a kitten is provocative behavior. Kittens are feisty and sometimes downright petulant. However, they’ll still crave to curl up in their Owner’s lap and purr from satisfaction while being petted.

Just like any other form of play, petplay can take on either a submissive or a dominant shape. However, if you’re already a fan of male chastity devices and are in a chastity relationship, the chances are you’ll be a submissive kitten. Still, the fact that cats generally expect others to worship them shows that they can take on a more dominant role in the relationship.

The Kitten Headspace

Although this is up for debate and really depends on the type of person, kittens are usually more emotional and sensitive than other pets. They are vulnerable and act according to their instincts. That means they rely on their Owner more than some other pets. That’s something to keep in mind when choosing the type of pet to go for and negotiating.

Kitten play can be as constricting or liberating as you and your Keyholder choose. Most kittens love the accessories that come with the part, as well as acting regal. Prancing around in cute ears and adorned with bows is a dream come true for some. However, kitten play can also be a bit more extreme and include movement constriction, sleeping in a kennel, eating at specific times, and a complete lack of free will (even at playtime).

Pet Types — Bunny

Here’s where we spice things up a bit. Kitten play and puppy play are quite similar. However, bunny play requires not only a bit more research but also a specific type of submissive.

If you are a timid and shy chastity slave, you’ll enjoy being a bunny. Although sometimes aloof, bunnies are friendly and intelligent. Still, you have to know how to approach them and train them into obedience.

Bunnies are quite gentle and cautious. However, once they get a bit comfortable, they are full of affection and friendly energy. If that sounds familiar and you can imagine yourself hopping around your Keyholder and enthusiastically flopping on your side waiting for pets, then bunny play might be the perfect choice for you!

Are They All Timid and Obedient?

NO! Bunnies can actually get really rowdy. They’ll go around chinning things, binkying (hopping joyfully), knocking things over, and stealing treats. Some bunnies like to headbutt their Owners until they get pets, treats, or any other form of attention.

What’s more, just like with puppy and kitten play, bunny play isn’t uniform for all couples. Some people might want to be a house trained bunny, while others prefer to play the role of a wild rabbit and have their Owner and Keyholder train them into obedience. There are also show rabbits, jackrabbits, hangers, etc. The world of petplay (and thus, bunny play) is your oyster!

The Importance of Being a Bunny

Keyholders who choose the role of the bunny for their submissives will have it much easier when feeding time comes around. Puppies and Kitties love eating kibble, but that’s not exactly safe for long-term human consumption. Therefore, those Owners have to be extra careful when handing out treats or arranging meals.

On the other hand, bunny Owners can simply go wild because bunnies are herbivores. So any type of vegetable or fruit can quickly turn into a meal or a treat!

But, on the other hand, bunnies and their Owners might have a harder time finding appropriate gear. Tails aren’t as hard to come by, nor are whiskers. But full bodysuits reminiscent of bunny fur aren’t exactly a dime a dozen.

What’s more, although some of us like to think of bunnies as cute, fluffy, and harmless, they actually have sharp teeth and claws. Bunny teeth — something that’s a staple piece of gear that helps the pet get into the bunny headspace — aren’t easy to come by either.

Pet Types — Other Animals

The previously mentioned forms of animal play usually focus on domestication, nurturing, and caring. The Owner and the pet have a loving, caring relationship, and they share their time and affection with each other.

However, not all petplay is like that. Some relationships, such as pig play, focus more on humiliation (which pairs beautifully with chastity). Others, like pony play, focus on the technical training aspect of the Owner-pet dynamic.

Pony and Horse Play

In a chastity relationship where the male is the submissive, the female Dom will surely enjoy riding her horse pet and training it in everything from a simple gait to the complex (and admittedly hard to pull off) dressage.

So, as you can see, petplay isn’t limited in any way. Both you and your Keyholder can have a nice sit-down and decide which animal and type of play you’re both interested in. Here are a few examples that edge just a bit on the wild side of things.

Pig Play

Pig play is quite raunchy and traditionally quite nasty. There’s an element of humiliation to it because we usually consider pigs to be dirty animals. Therefore, many enjoy being ordered to roll in the filth and dirt, while others go into a more in-depth research rampage and incorporate some of the intelligent behavior that pigs are known for.

Although we can’t accomplish the most deliciously attractive feature of being a pig — the 30-minute orgasm — we can still get enjoyment and gratification from pig play. If your petplay relationship includes sex, know that it’s usually rough, quite degrading, with a lot of sniffing, bodily fluids flowing freely, and various fringe kinks.

Fox and Wolf Play

Fox and wolf play requires the Keyholder to domesticate their wild animal. Although foxes aren’t as strong or primal as wolves, both animals have strong animalistic instincts. The Keyholder has to essentially work around that and break the animal’s spirit so that it will obey them.

Wolves are traditionally considered alpha animals and, therefore, dominant. However, submissive wolves are not at all uncommon. They aren’t playful like puppies, timid like bunnies, or mischievous like kittens. In fact, they are wild, primal hunters that love submitting to the pack hierarchy. As the Keyholder, the Owner holds the alpha status, but the wolf might need more persuasion than other domesticated animals.

  • Fawns — meek and mild, subservient, and an ideal submissive.
  • Birds — selective, aloof, and always have an easy exit strategy; not easy to train but can be extremely affectionate.
  • Squirrels, chinchillas, ferrets, and other rodents — the perfect balance of a “wild” animal that’s easily dominated and domesticated.
  • Snakes and other reptiles — coldblooded, not affectionate.
  • Mythical creatures — griffins, dragons, mermaids, nymphs, etc.

How to Be a Good Pet

Being a good pet is all about being obedient to your Owner. Of course, there’s more nuance to the Owner-pet and other relationships within the BDSM community.

All aspects of your bond with your Keyholder who will become your Owner should be discussed before you start playing for the first time. Your “contract” should include everything you agreed on — from clothing to sex. A good pet is obedient and submissive and follows the rules of its Owner.


Unless agreed otherwise, you should always wear pet gear with a matching outfit or go around naked during petplay. Depending on the type of animal you chose, the equipment can be minimal (ears and a butt plug tail), or it can be extreme. For example, most ponies who have owners that train with them daily wear a lot of gear like hoof boots, saddles, reins, etc.

Usually, the scene starts when the Owner puts a collar on the pet. From that moment on, the pet isn’t allowed to behave like anything other than the animal it is roleplaying.


Since animals can’t talk, neither can pets. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t vocalize their feelings. Most animals usually have ways of communication that are typical for their species — barking, mewling, growling, etc. Aside from that, a good pet only uses body language to communicate with its Owner.

It’s vital to note that safewords don’t count here. The non-verbal rule doesn’t apply to the safewords or the system you have in place with your Keyholder. Therefore, if the scene isn’t going the way you imagined it would or you want to stop, vocalize that immediately.


All pets, barring strays that need to be domesticated, have collars and leashes. However, when you’re engaging in a scene, restraint isn’t always a must. Still, cages, leashes, and other forms of restriction can be used as punishment or to play out a specific scene. A good pet will always accept them obediently.

Pampering and Grooming

Grooming and pampering is something that all pets look forward to. Obedient submissives that are good pets (and good chastity slaves) often get groomed by their Owners. Cleaning, brushing, petting, and other forms of affection, such as gift-giving and praising, all fall in this category. A good pet will always be grateful for pampering but never too bratty to demand it too often.


Training is a massive part of being a pet. Most newcomers to the petplay scene have no idea what to do after they gear up, fall on all fours, and finish their bowl of “animal” food. The answer to that is quite simple — train.

How the training is conducted and what exactly it is is up to the Owner. The pet has no say in it. (Of course, the Owner can choose from a previously discussed and approved list of activities). Training usually involves issuing specific commands or setting up tasks for the pet. Depending on how successful the pet is, it gets either a punishment or a reward.


Although petplay doesn’t have to include sexual activities, it can. Those in a chastity relationship might want to engage in both petplay and in edging, orgasm denial, and other forms of chastity play. On the other hand, the Owner might want to release the pet from restraints and issue sexual commands that turn petplay into foreplay.

Best Tips for Owners

Just like there are bad pets out there, there are also bad Owners. Because pets can’t make their own decisions, their Owners are entirely responsible for them and their well-being. It’s a form of absolute trust, and Owners shouldn’t betray it.

So Owners need to govern all aspects of the pets’ lives. They make all the decisions — what the pet will wear, eat, do, and if it earned a reward or a punishment, and, if so, what those will be.


All Owners should keep in mind that straightforward and concise directions, commands, and punishments are a must. To avoid any confusion, the Owner needs to use strong language.

Although some Owners prefer to be all lovey-dovey with their pets, firm commands are always best. That’s especially true in a chastity relationship. Commands such as “stay,” “sit,” “roll over,” as well as “good/bad pet” are straightforward, so the pet will always respond to them better than convoluted ones.

Rewards and Punishments

It is the Owner’s responsibility to reward and punish the pet. No matter how the pet is acting, whether he’s a good or a bad boy, the Owner must always provide the basics that he pet can’t provide for himself. So food, water, and shelter, as well as bathroom breaks (or walks, depending on the dynamic of the relationship), are a must.

The Owner should also clean and groom the pet. However, only good, obedient, and submissive pets get treats, pets, and other forms of rewards. Alternatively, bratty, stubborn pets that act out should get punished. The Owner can choose the appropriate punishment like:

  • No cuddle time.
  • No time on the furniture with the Owner or without.
  • Pets that top from the bottom should learn their place, which might involve some time in the cage.
  • If the contract allows it, Owners can use spanking and other forms of corporal punishment to discipline the bad pet.
  • No sexual gratification, and Owners can prolong their time in the chastity device.
  • Orgasm control and denial, making the pet maintain a flaccid penis in the chastity device while initiating sex play and other forms of sexual punishments while the pet is in the chastity device.
  • Owners can take away toys (and that includes sex toys as well) to punish the pet.
  • Owners can send pets to a time-out (on a leash, in a cage, or away from the Owner).

Proud Owners Are the Best Owners

When the pet acts like a nice boy, the Owner should always show how proud they are. If the relationship allows the presence of other, consenting people, then the Owner should show off their pet and demonstrate all the tricks the pet knows.

A Few Parting Words

Petplay and chastity aren’t the same, but they can be compatible forms of sexual (or social) play. If you do decide to add petplay to your male chastity relationship, remember to negotiate everything beforehand and choose only those aspects of petplay that work for both parties.